Thursday, February 4, 2016

Bead&Button Show 2016 - Take a Class from a TrendSetter!

The class catalog for the 2016 Bead&Button show is now available. B&B is one of the biggest bead shows in the world, and one of the best places to meet and learn from the Starman TrendSetters! Prepare your schedule and enjoy some of the wonderful classes they have prepared.

Starman, Inc. Presents: Magnolia Pendant Necklace B160636
Akiko Nomura - Magnolia Pendant
Akiko Nomura
Thomasin Alyxander

Stefanie Deddo-Evans
    Penny Dixon
    Cheryl Erickson
    Diane Fitzgerald
    Leslee Frumin
    Stephanie Goff
    Melissa Grakowsky-Shippee
    Cindy Holsclaw
    Kinga Nichols
    Hiroe Takagi
    Agnieszka Watts
    Emi Yamada

    Coming in March: Perlen Poesie Bead Art Quarterly #28

    Coming in March: Perlen Poesie Bead Art Quarterly #28 

    This issue features 16 projects, including designs from TrendSetters Akiko Nomura, Olga Haserodt, Rochelle Peterson, and Anna Lindell. This high-quality publication ships mid-March in the US.

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    16 Projects — from delicate and fluffy to “fit for a king” — invite you to brandish your needle and thread. Use netting, embroider full of volume or work in free beadweaving. This issue’s course explains the African Helix technique. Helena Tang-Lim from Singapore designed the elegant Drina Victoria collar for you. All this and much more will spur your creativity on!

    TriMe Beaded Bead by TrendSetter Anna Lindell
    TriMe Beaded Bead by TrendSetter Anna Lindell

    Grace Necklace and Ring by TrendSetter Olga Haserodt

    Jasmine Necklace by TrendSetter Akiko Nomura
    Jasmine Necklace by TrendSetter Akiko Nomura

    Bastet's Collar (Part 1) by TrendSetter Rochelle Peterson

    Monday, February 1, 2016

    Starman Beads in Print January 2016

    Beadwork Magazine - Feb/Mar 2016
    Bead & Button Magazine - Issue 131
    Bead & Jewellery Magazine - Issue 68
    Making Jewellery Magazine - Issue 88
    Koralki Magazine

    Friday, January 29, 2016

    New Items for the Week of January 29, 2016

    Friday, January 22, 2016

    New Items for the Week of January 22, 2016

    391-310-94100 CzechMates Crescent : Polychrome - Copper Rose

    391-310-94102 CzechMates Crescent : Polychrome - Orchid Aqua

    391-310-94103 CzechMates Crescent : Polychrome - Olive Mauve

    391-310-94104 CzechMates Crescent : Polychrome - Aqua Teal

    391-310-94105 CzechMates Crescent : Polychrome - Indigo Orchid

    391-310-94107 CzechMates Crescent : Polychrome - Gold Rush

    391-310-94108 CzechMates Crescent : Polychrome - Rose

    364-24-5005 MiniDuo 2/4mm : Green

    364-24-6002 MiniDuo 2/4mm : Aquamarine

    364-24-94103 MiniDuo 2/4mm : Polychrome - Olive Mauve

    364-24-94104 MiniDuo 2/4mm : Polychrome - Aqua Teal

    364-24-94105 MiniDuo 2/4mm : Polychrome - Indigo Orchid

    364-24-BT6313 MiniDuo 2/4mm : Turquoise - Bronze Picasso

    364-24-L6313 MiniDuo 2/4mm : Luster - Opaque Turquoise

    364-24-P65455 MiniDuo 2/4mm : Opaque - Ultra Luster Green

    364-24-PT6313 MiniDuo 2/4mm : Pink/Topaz Luster - Turquoise

    364-24-T6313 MiniDuo 2/4mm : Opaque Turquoise - Picasso

    364-25-24004 SuperDuo 2/5mm : Pearl Shine - Baby Pink

    364-25-24005 SuperDuo 2/5mm : Pearl Shine - Hot Pink

    364-25-24006 SuperDuo 2/5mm : Pearl Shine - Dark Peach

    364-25-24007 SuperDuo 2/5mm : Pearl Shine - Mauve

    364-25-24008 SuperDuo 2/5mm : Pearl Shine - Baby Blue

    364-25-24009 SuperDuo 2/5mm : Pearl Shine - Blue

    364-25-24010 SuperDuo 2/5mm : Pearl Shine - Mint Green

    388-04-LR21010 Ring Bead : Luster Iris - Milky Amethyst

    389-26-M71010 CzechMates Bar : Matte Milky Pink

    41-516-BT2398 Dagger 5/16mm : Jet - Bronze Picasso

    5-02-BT2303 Round Beads 2mm : Opaque Purple - Bronze Picasso

    5-03-CT9008 Round Beads 3mm : Siam Ruby - Copper Picasso